1 May 2 (W) Lecture: Introduction: UI/UX

UI vs. UX: What's the difference between user interface and user experience? by Spencer Lanoue
How Airbnb designs for trust | Joe Gebbia

The currency of the new economy is trust
What is Mobile First Design? Why It's Important & How To Make It?

2 May 7 (M) Lecture: Understanding Users I: Persona and Empathy Mapping
Activity: Persona and Empathy Mapping

Why You Only Need to Test with 5 Users by Jakob Nielsen
The art of innovation | Guy Kawasaki
Persona - an Overview by Stefan Blomkvist.

The origin of personas by Alan Cooper
How to build your creative confidence | David Kelley
Design Thinking by Tim Brown
Tim Brown: Designers -- think big!

May 9 (W) Lecture: Understanding Users II: Interviews

On observations and On interviews (From "Methods of Educational and Social Science Research: The Logic of Methods" by David R. Krathwohl)
Stanford d.school Need Finding Crib Sheet
Example of a Bad vs Good Interview

Due May 9 -- Assignment 0: Complete ethics tutorial and send group information to course gmail address

3 May 14 (M) Lecture: Understanding Users III: Observations

Example of an Ethnographic Field Study
Building a Useful Research Tool: An Origin Story of AEIOU
How to conduct UX field research on your morning commute

May 16 (W) Lecture: Translating Needs into Functionalities I: Affinity Diagram
Activity: Observation Notes

Affinity Diagrams -- Learn How to Cluster and Bundle Ideas and Facts
Affinity Diagrams -- Tips and Tricks

Due May 16-- Assignment 1: identify target users and plan for exploratory study

4 May 21 (M) Victoria Day (no class)
May 22 (T) Lecture: Translating Needs into Functionalities II: Work Models

Work Models from Beyer, Hugh, and Karen Holtzblatt. Contextual design: defining customer-centered systems.

May 23 (W) Lecture: Create Design Ideas I: User Stories / Storyboarding

Design Fixation by Jansson, D.G. and Smith, S.M.
3 Tools to become more creative | Balder Onarheim

A crash course in creativity: Tina Seelig at TEDxStanford
The surprising habits of original thinkers | Adam Grant
Do schools kill creativity? | Sir Ken Robinson

5 May 28 (M) Lecture: Create Design Ideas II: Sketches

Affordance, conventions, and design by Don Norman 1999.
Affordances: Clarifying and evolving a concept by J. McGrenere and W. Ho in Graphics Interfaces.
Signifiers, not Affordances by Don Norman.

May 30 (W) Lecture: Create Design Ideas III: Wireframe and User Flow
Activity: Wireframing Template

Information Architecture by Andrew Dillon and Don Turnbull.
Wireflows: a UX Deliverable for Workflows and Apps by Page Laubheimer.
Basic Patterns for Mobile Navigation: A Primer by Raluca Budiu

6 June 4 (M) Lecture: Prototype Design I: Paper Prototyping

The Efficacy of Prototyping Under Time Constraints by Steven Dow et al.

June 6 (W) Lecture: Prototype Design II: Planning for Paper Prototype Evaluation

Test Paper Prototypes to Save Time and Money: The Mozilla Case Study by Susan Farrell.
An iterative design methodology for user-friendly natural language office information applications by Kelley, John F. ACM Transactions on Information Systems (TOIS) 2.1 (1984): 26-41.

7 June 11 (M) Design Iteration Session
Slides, Presentation Marking Scheme
  June 13 (W) Design Iteration Session

Due June 13 -- Assignment 2: exploratory study results, design ideas and plan for paper prototype evaluation

8 June 18 (M) Presentation 1a (Fishbowl Room)
The Saviors
The Seniors
June 20 (W) Presentation 1b (Fishbowl Room)
Backseat Drivers
Geese Attack
Team Rocket
The Potatoes
9 June 25 (M) Test & Evaluate I: Paper Prototype Evaluation
June 27 (W) Lecture: Prototype Design III: High-Fidelity Prototyping

7 Rules for Creating Gorgeous UI: Part 1
7 Rules for Creating Gorgeous UI: Part 2.
The complex relationship between data and design in UX | Rochelle King

Finding the right voice interactions for your App
Secrets to Designing the Perfect Conversations by Mark Wilson.

10 July 2 (M) Canada Day (no class)
July 4 (W) Lecture: Prototype Design IV: Planning for High-Fidelity Prototype Evaluation
Activity: UX Heuristic Evaluation Worksheet

Cognitive Walkthrough in User Interface Inspection Methods.
Heuristic Evaluation: How to Conduct a Heuristic Evaluation
Getting the Right Design and the Design Right: Testing Many is Better than One by Tohidi et al.
Turn User Goals into Task Scenarios for Usability Testing
10 Usability Heuristics for User Interface Design by Nielson
How to Conduct a Cognitive Walkthrough
How Effective are Heuristic Evaluations?

Heuristic Evaluation on Mobile Interfaces: A New Checklist
247 Web Usability Guidelines

11 July 9 (M) Guest Lecture by Gustavo Fortes Tondello: Gamification
Activity: Gameful Design Heuristics

Introduction to Gamification in Human Computer Interaction
Game Based Solution Design
What is Gamification?

Gaming can Make a Better World

July 11 (W) Lecture: Accessibility

Ability-Based Design: Concept, Principles and Examples by Wobbrock et al.

Mobile Accessibility: How WCAG 2.0 and Other W3C/WAI Guidelines Apply to Mobile
CHI 2017 SIGCHI Social Impact Award
Disability & Innovation: The Universal Benefits of Accessible Design, by Haben Girma @ WWDC 2016

Due July 11 -- Assignment 3: paper prototype evaluation results, design progression, plan for high fidelity prototype evaluation

12 July 16 (M) Test & Evaluate II: High Fidelity Prototype Evaluation - Heuristic Evaluation
July 18 (W) Test & Evaluate III: High Fidelity Prototype Evaluation - Cognitive Walkthrough
13 July 23 (M) Lecture: Academic HCI & Course Review
Resources: Rough Guide for Final Exam

Research Contribution Types in Human- Computer Interaction by Wobbrock.

July 25 (W) Presentation 2

Due July 25 8:59pm -- PDF of Poster, Link to Demo Video

Due July 27 8:59pm -- Final Report, Blog Post