Presentation Schedule.
Paper Critique Forms: PDF , Word

Week 6 (Feb 12)

Knowing by Designing II: Presentations

Suggested Papers:
Lee et al. Steps Toward Participatory Design of Social Robots: Mutual Learning with Older Adults with Depression. In HRI, 2017. (presenter: Lakshmanan Arumugam)
DiSalvo et al. The Neighborhood Networks Project: A Case Study of Critical Engagement and Creative Expression Through Participatory Design. In PDC, 2008.
Wong and Mulligan. When a Product Is Still Fictional: Anticipating and Speculating Futures through Concept Videos. In DIS 2016. (presenter: Johra Moosa)
Wong et al. Real-Fictional Entanglements: Using Science Fiction and Design Fiction to Interrogate Sensing Technologies. In DIS, 2017. (presenter: Jeremy Hartmann)
Chen et al. Diagnostic Visualization for Non-expert Machine Learning Practitioners: A Design Study. In VL/HCC, 2016.
Long et al. Connecting Those That Care: Designing for Transitioning, Talking, Belonging and Escaping. In CHI 2017.
Dykes et al. RtD Comics: A Medium for Representing Research Through Design. In DIS 2016. (presenter: Henry Chen)
Gaver et al. The Drift Table: Designing for Ludic Engagement. In CHI 2004 Extended Abstract. (presenter: Tom Murtha)
Ross et al. Designing behavior in interaction : using aesthetic experience as a mechanism for design. In International Journal of Design, 4(2), 3-13.
Sabanovic et al. Designing Robots in the Wild: In situ Prototype Evaluation for a Break Management Robot. 2014. In Journal of Human-Robot Interaction, 3(1), 70-88.

Due: project proposal, 2 pages, in SIGCHI format. The proposal should include (a) problem statement, (b) system description, (c) the plan and methodology used for evaluating the system performance.

Study Break (Feb 19-23)

No Classes

Week 9 (March 12)

Knowing by Sensing I: Paper Critique
Lecture: Knowing By Sensing

Required Readings:
Howell et al. Biosignals as Social Cues: Ambiguity and Emotional Interpretation in Social Displays of Skin Conductance. In DIS, 2016.
Pu et al. Whole-Home Gesture Recognition Using Wireless Signals. In MobiCom, 2013.

Due: 6-page project paper draft (introduction, related work, description of the interface/interaction technique and methodologies)

Week 11 (March 26)

Course Projects: Running Experiments

Week 13 (April 9)

Poster Session

Due: project poster and 10-page project paper