Research Projects

I am currently looking for undergraduate or graduate students for the following research projects:

The first project is called Human-in-the-Loop Decision System for Managing Forest Fires. In this project, the student will work with both me and Prof. Kate Larson to create a AI decision support tool for managing forest fires, where the algorithm both makes predictions and explains its predictions / uncertainties. The student will design a study where forest fire trainees will use the decision support tool to make decisions about hypothetical forest fire situations, and discuss their reasoning for accepting / rejecting the AI's recommendation. The ideal candidate would have experience and interest in both AI and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI).

The second project is called Teachable Agent for Fostering Curiosity. In this project, the student will work with an international research team to create a teachable, conversational agent (an agent that acts as a less knowledgeable peer taught by students) that foster curiosity in students. The student will develop interfaces, survey literature in Psychology/Education related to curiosity and learning-by-teaching, design and conduct experiments. The ideal candidate would have experience and interest in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). Knowledge in natural language processing (NLP) is an asset.

The third project is called Crowdsourcing Music Making and Pedagogy. In this project, the student will conceptualize and design a platform that enables amateur and professional classical musicians to get together to play music in ephemeral ensembles and unusual settings. As part of this research, the URA will conduct a set of need-finding interviews with musicians, then based on the findings, design and develop a prototype website. We are looking for a student who is skilled in design and full-stack web programming (HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, web frameworks like Django), curious about people, and have some experience in classical music.

Undergraduate Students

I have developed a structured program to work with undergraduate students on research. If you are interested in working with me, it will require 1 (or sometimes 2) year commitment, so plan early! The ideal starting time is when you are in the third year of your undergraduate program.

The timeline is roughly 3 terms, and adjusted based on students' co-op/school term schedule. In addition to their own projects, students will get to participate in lab meetings, interact with graduate students, and potentially help with other on-going research projects.

If you are interested: apply by sending an email to Include in the email, your resume/CV, transcripts, a brief statement about what research topics/projects you are potentially interested in and why, and your availability in the upcoming year and suggested adjustments to the timeline.