In the past year, I have taken on major leadership roles in organizing conference activities. I was the conference co-chair for HCOMP 2019, track chair for the Crowdsourcing and Human Computation Track at WebConf 2019 (i.e., formerly WWW 2019), Associate Chair and Accessibility co-Chair for CHI 2019, Panel co-chair for CSCW 2019, senior program committee member for AAAI 2019, Associate Chair for CSCW, CHI, IDC (ACM Interaction Design and Children (IDC) conference), etc.

I co-founded the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Conference (UROC), a 3-day workshop that introduces computer science research to undergraduate students from across Canada, through hands-on research projects, faculty and graduate student panels, social mixers, and presentations. In 2015, the event was a great success; 47 undergraduate students came to University of Waterloo from over a dozen universities, many of whom are now in the process of applying to graduate schools.

I have been actively involved in shaping the human computation research community -- I co-wrote a book on human computation, delivered tutorials at AAAI and IUI, and co-organized the Human Computation (HCOMP) Workshop series, which led to the establishment of the annual AAAI Conference on Human Computation and Crowdsourcing. I am currently most interested in community building efforts around the topic of citizen science.



HCOMP 2009-2012

I also support other research activities related to human computation and crowdsourcing, including serving on the program committee / reviewer for NIPS workshop for Computational Social Science and Wisdom of the Crowd (2010, 2011), SIGIR third crowdsourcing workshop for information retrieval (2011), Journal of Information Retrieval Special Issue on Crowdsourcing (2011), and AAAI Spring Symposium on Wisdom of the Crowd (2012). I serve as an external advisor for a NSF-supported citizen science project (called "CrowdID") at Cornell University, where I am responsible for attending an annual team meeting and providing guidance throughout the project.

I have served as a reviewer or member of the program committee for a variety of HCI and machine learning conferences and journals: