There are 5 assignments, which will be listed here as they become available. Each assignment is worth 7% of the final grade for CS480 students, and 5% for CS680 students. They are always due 8:59pm on LEARN on the due date. No late assignments will be accepted or graded

Assignment 1.
out Jan 15, due Jan 24 (8:59pm).
Assignment 2.
out Jan 31, due Feb 08 (8:59pm).
Assignment 3.
out Feb 26, due Mar 07 (8:59pm).
Assignment 4.
out Mar 12, due Mar 21 (8:59pm).
Assignment 5.
out Mar 26, due Apr 08 (8:59pm).

Format: Make sure you include your name, email address and student ID. For each assignment, you should submit two files with the following naming convention: e.g., writeup.pdf and (which should include your programs, a script to run your programs, and a README file providing instructions on how to run the script). Ideally, you should be typesetting your solution in latex format using this Homework Latex Template. A scanned copy of your handwritten solution is also acceptable, provided that your handwriting is legible.

Office Hours: There will be one TA who is responsible for each assignment (see below), including answering questions on Piazza, grading the assignment, holding a 2-hr office hours to answer questions before the assignment is due (assignment office hours), as well as holding a 2-hr office hours to answer questions about grading (grading office hours). Solutions will be posted on LEARN before the grading office hours.

Assignment 1 (Due Jan 24, 8:59pm)

Brandon Lee ( will be the TA responsible for this assignment.

Assignment 2 (Due Feb 8, 8:59pm)

Hamid Shahidi ( will be the TA responsible for this assignment.

Assignment 3 (Due Mar 07, 8:59pm)

Khadija Tariq ( will be the TA responsible for this assignment.

Assignment 4 (Due Mar 21, 8:59pm)

Jing Jing Wang ( will be the TA responsible for this assignment.

Assignment 5 (Due Apr 8, 8:59pm)

Colin Vandenhof ( will be the TA responsible for this assignment.

Assignment Policies

Late Policies

The assignments are due at 8:59pm on LEARN on the due dates. No late assignments will be accepted or graded. If you have a sickness that caused a delay, you must provide a doctor's note that is obtained before the due date as well as show the partial solution of the assignment that you have completed.


Collaboration with classmates when completing the assignments is encouraged in this class, but must follow these guidelines.

External sources

Do not search for the solutions to the assignment problems in external sources. As described above: the point of the assignments is to learn the material, and you will be penalizing yourself if you try to shortcut this process.

However, you are allowed to look at sources outside of the official course material in order to understand the material better. In many situations, reading different presentations of the same material can be very helpful in understanding it better. Occasionally, you may find the solution to an assignment problem while reading one of these external sources. When that happens, just be honest: give a proper citation for the source of the solution in your acknowledgments and write the solution on your own (using your own words and, obviously, without the found solution in front of you). You will not be penalized for a solution found in another source that is cited properly and written by yourself, but failure to cite the source properly is plagiarism.

Effective communication

In these assignments, it is not enough to find the solution to a problem: you must also be able to clearly and effectively communicate it. You should strive to find a concise, clear, and logically sound way to present all your solutions. You should also make sure that the assignment is easy to read. If your handwriting is bad, you should consider typesetting the solutions. And if you have some difficulty writing in English, you should contact the University's Writing Centre; they have many programs that may help you.