Welcome To CS 889

This graduate course gives a broad overview of various models for combining human and machine intelligence to solve computational problems. Through weekly seminars and a class project, we will examine three roles that humans play in computational systems -- humans as computers, humans as teachers, and humans as collaborators. This research-focused course covers literature from a variety of research areas, and includes topics such as human computation and crowdsourcing, learning by demonstration, mixed initiative systems, active learning from human teachers, interactive machine learning, human-in-the-loop security, etc.

Course Logistics

Should I be interested?

The idea of human-in-the-loop systems -- i.e., building into computer systems the ability to incorporate human input, feedback and control -- is pervasive across many research areas of Computer Science. Therefore, this course should be of interests to graduate students in a variety of research areas, including

  • » human-computer interaction
  • » artificial intelligence
  • » machine learning
  • » robotics
  • » computer vision
  • » natural language processing
  • » computer security
  • » multi-agent systems
  • » databases and data mining
  • » etc