Welcome To CS 889 (Winter 2018)

AI and machine learning technology has become increasingly integrated with our everyday lives. Yet, such systems are often complex, unpredictable and unfamiliar, making it difficult for users to understand, trust and adopt them. This graduate course will involve a survey of existing literature on Human-AI interaction, covering topics such as safety, fairness, engagement, interpretibility, trust. The course is also a methodology course: we will study different HCI methodologies (e.g., experiments, diary studies, interviews, etc) and analysis techniques (e.g., statistical modeling, grounded theory analysis) and apply them to research questions related to Human-AI interaction.

Course Logistics

Should I be interested?

The end goal of the course is to help students develop research questions related to Human-AI interaction and learn how to apply a variety of HCI methodologies to answer these questions. Therefore, this course should be of interests to graduate students who are currently actively doing research on HCI, machine learning or artificial intelligence.