Edith Law (Faculty)
Ken Jen Lee (PhD)
Research Interest: tools for self-reflection and value discovery
Nabil Bin Hannan (PhD)
Research Interest: technology for managing life transitions
Kris Frasheri (Masters)
Research Interest: self-reflection technology for undersanding bias in machine teaching
Anthony Maocheia-Ricci (Masters)
Research Interest: a platform of de-centralizing classical music making
Casey O'Neill (Masters)
Research Interest: using insights from philosophy to design tools for exploring human values.
Carter Blair (Masters)
Research Interest: using AI and other computational tools to bring about cooperation between AI agents, humans, and combinations of the two.
Chunxu Yang (PhD, starting F24)
Research Interest: multimodal human-AI collaboration technologies.
Lucas Gómez Tobón (PhD, starting F24)
Research Interest: use of AI/ML for learning and artistic creations.
Aakanksha Khandwaha (Masters, starting F24)
Research Interest: mitigate sociotechnical harms of AI systems and develop technology to increase health equity.
Undergraduate Researchers
Alex Lu (UGrad)
Research Interest: designing multilingual in-context retrieval LLM agents for newcomers
Grace Xu (UGrad)
Research Interest: educational technology, UX research, and using technology to help people
Michelle Ma (UGrad)
Research Interest: leverage ChatGPT to foster human values
Olivia Dragoev (UGrad)
Research Interest: self-reflection technology for undersanding bias in machine teaching
Jarvis Tse, M.Math (Research Associate, Harvard)
Sangho Suh, PhD (Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California at San Diego)
Joice Tang, Undergrad (Ph.D Student, University of Washington)
Jessy Ceha, PhD (Scientific Managing Editor, Elsevier)
Amy Debbane, M.Math (UX Researcher, Arctic Wolf)
Alex Williams, PhD (Assistant Professor, University of Tennessee Knoxville / Applied Scientist, Amazon AI)
Mike Schaekermann, PhD (Research Scientist, Google Research)
Alexandra Vtyurina, PhD (Research Scientist, Kira Systems)
Apoorva Chauhan, Postdoc (Assistant Professor, Concordia University of Edmonton)
Colin Vandenhof, M.Math (Machine Learning Engineer, Spiri Robotics)
Nalin Chhibber, M.Math (Software Engineer, Amazon Alexa Team)
Greg D'Eon, M.Math (PhD Student, University of British Columbia)
William Callaghan, M.Math (Data Engineer, Borealis.AI)
Helga Jiang, Undergrad (Product Designer, Facebook)
Meng Dong, Undergrad (Grad Student, Harvard University)