Research Projects
Here, you'll find research projects currently in-flight. Click into each to see more details.
Teachable Robot Project
In this project, we are designing a teachable agent that acts as a less knowledgeable peer to be taught by students, with the goal of promoting metacognitive skills in learning.
Designing for Curiosity
In a series of projects, we are investigate how to design interfaces for eliciting / fostering curiosity.
Music on a Whim
In this project, we are investigating social computing approaches that enable classically-trained musicians to organize ephemeral ensembles in a decentralized way.
Rethinking Crowdsourcing
In a series of projects, we are exploring new ways to harness the crowd to tackle complex tasks, by allowing interactions between novices and experts, or between people and AI.
Coding Strip
In this project, we explore how we can use the visual language of comics to support creative learning experiences in programming education.
Human-AI Interaction
In a series of projects, we explore how people perceive and work with AI algorithms, and investigate issues related to F.A.T.E. (fairness, accountability, transparency and ethics).