Augmented Intelligence Lab @ UWaterloo

How might human-machine partnership help to address the world's critical challenges and promote human florishing?

"We encounter the deep questions of design when we recognize that in designing tools we are designing ways of being." -- Terry Winograd and Fernando Flores

How can machine intelligence augment human intelligence, and vice versa? Led by Prof. Edith Law, our lab focuses on research questions related to the design of technology that enables people—aided by interfaces, algorithms or AI agents—to accomplish meaningful tasks, and promotes human qualities that we value, such as curiosity, creativity and compassion. Our research is value-driven, at the intersection of AI and HCI, and heavily influenced by concepts and ideas from psychology. Our projects touch upon a wide variety of technology, including scientific and medical crowdsourcing systems, conversational agents, social robots, games, educational technology platforms and mixed-reality applications.