Edith Law (Faculty)
Edith's research focuses on machine teaching, social computing and technology for human flourishing. She is a strong proponent of value-driven research, and technology that involves an integration of machine and human intelligence.
Jessy Ceha (PhD Student)
Jessy’s current research involves the design of conversational agent interactions that promote social/emotional experiences. Her work is driven by her interest in understanding human cognition and applying this knowledge to developing technologies that improve people’s functioning, independence and well-being.
Sangho Suh (PhD Student)
Sangho's research focuses on helping people make sense of and communicate ideas and concepts more effectively, often through visual storytelling. His work is motivated by his interest in lowering the barriers to knowledge and restoring learning as a fun, interactive, imaginative experience.
Ken Jen Lee (PhD Student)
Ken Jen is interested in enhancing experience sharing and storytelling, and hopes that new technologies and systems can be built to support and encourage empathy and compassion.
Amy Debbane (Masters Student)
Amy's current research focuses on designing educational technology. She is passionate about designing systems that support cognitive processes while building a sense of community to improve collaboration across cross-functional teams.
Jarvis Xie (Masters Student)
Jarvis' current research focuses on Human-AI collaboration. He is interested in studying how computers can positively impact their users’ emotions and thinking processes, and how such positive impact can help people achieve their goals.
Joice Tang (URF)
Joice is interested in how technology and design can affect power, self-perception, and trust. She hopes to foster understanding and solidarity through the design and development of fair, responsible, and community-based technology.
Alex Williams, PhD (Assistant Professor, University of Tennessee Knoxville)
Mike Schaekermann, PhD (Applied Scientist, Amazon AI)
Alexandra Vtyurina, PhD (Research Scientist, Kira Systems)
Apoorva Chauhan, Postdoc (Assistant Professor, Concordia University of Edmonton)
Colin Vandenhof, M.Math (Machine Learning Engineer, Spiri Robotics)
Nalin Chhibber, M.Math (Software Engineer, Amazon Alexa Team)
Greg D'Eon, M.Math (PhD Student, University of British Columbia)
William Callaghan, M.Math (Data Engineer, Borealis.AI)
Helga Jiang, Undergrad (Product Designer, Facebook)
Meng Dong, Undergrad (Graduate Student, Harvard University)