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Coding Strip
Computer programming is widely perceived as a new literacy for the 21st century. However, despite years of research in programming education, learning programming remains a daunting task for many novice learners because it requires learning abstract concepts and programming languages. In this project, we explore how we can use comics and their powerful visual language to make the experience of learning programming an easy, creative, fun experience. We develop creativity support tools (e.g., comic authoring tool) and interactive learning systems (e.g., a visual programming environment that outputs comics from code) to enable creative learning activities and provide useful tools and resources for teachers and students.
People Involved
S. Suh, K. J. Lee, B. Cheng, C. Latulipe and E. Law. Using Comics to Introduce and Reinforce Programming Concepts in CS1. In SIGCSE 2021.
S. Suh, M. Lee, G. Xia and E. Law. Coding Strip: A Pedagogical Tool for Teaching and Learning Programming Concepts through Comics. In VL/HCC 2020.
S. Suh, M. Lee and E. Law. How Do We Design for Concreteness Fading? Survey, General Framework, and Design Dimensions. In IDC 2020.